Bernie Sanders wins in four US states

This video from the USA about the Super Tuesday primary elections says about itself:

Sanders Wins Four States, No “Knock Out” For Clinton

1 March 2016

Bhaskar Sunkara and Paul Jay discuss the significance of Bernie Sanders remaining competitive in the Democratic primaries.

This video says about itself:

Super Tuesday | Bernie Sanders Wins Three Of Four Toss-Up States

1 March 2016

Bernie Sanders did everything he needed to do on Super Tuesday, and maybe a little more. He won Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota, and lost Massachusetts. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down.

This video says about itself:

Former Bush Treasury Official Agrees with Sanders on Breaking Up the Big Banks

1 March 2016

Economist Gerald Epstein says President of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Neel KashKari’s Support of Bernie‘s Banking Policy is Both Surprising and Welcome

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Dominates Super Tuesday by Channeling Resent of Corporate Democrats

1 March 2016

Frances Fox Piven & James Early talk with Paul Jay about Trump’s appeal to sections of the white working class.

Marco Rubio Loses 9 More States, Falls To 1-13 On Election Season. The candidate of the Republican establishment is in big trouble: here.

If Clinton and Trump become the nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties, the candidates of both capitalist parties will be deeply unpopular. A CNN/ORC poll published Monday found that Trump was regarded unfavorably by 59 percent of those polled, while 53 percent had a negative view of Clinton. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found 49 percent “very negative” towards Trump and 39 percent “very negative” towards Clinton—triple the level of such feelings toward the Democratic and Republican candidates in 2008: here.

13 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders wins in four US states

  1. We did very well tonight, Linda. It’s all thanks to you.

    We started off the night winning Vermont, then we won Oklahoma and Colorado, and moments ago they called Minnesota for us as well. FOUR big victories for our political revolution tonight.

    No one thought we would get this far. You proved them wrong. Working people are coming together and voting for Bernie in states across the country. They are contributing small amounts of money so we can compete with the millionaires and billionaires bankrolling Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her largest super PACs.

    Contribute $2.70 to our campaign tonight and we’ll have the resources to continue our momentum into the twelve primaries and caucuses happening over the next two weeks.

    Our campaign needs to be prepared for whatever comes next. I can assure you that our opponent’s billionaires and lobbyists will do everything they can to stop our campaign in the twelve caucuses or primaries in the next two weeks.

    You should be extraordinarily proud of what we accomplished tonight … and we’re just getting started. People should not underestimate us.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


  2. Last night, voters in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Minnesota joined the people of Vermont and New Hampshire in showing America that a political revolution is spreading across our country.

    One of the reasons I believe we are doing so well is because people know that this campaign is about more than electing a president – it is about transforming America. It’s about making our country the great nation we know it has the potential to be. It is about dealing with some unpleasant truths, and having the guts to confront those truths.

    Now, Wall Street and the super PACs may be against us; they have already spent outrageous sums of money to stop our progress. But what we are proving on our campaign is that when people stand together, anything is possible.

    If we are going to win this primary and take our country back from the billionaire class, we have to be ready to fight, organize, and win in the states ahead. So I have to ask you today:

    Your $2.70 contribution to our campaign strikes a blow against a corrupt campaign finance system and ensures we’ll have the resources we need to win this Democratic primary.

    Fifteen states have voted, 35 remain. And let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, and for a world of peace to every one of those states. And we are going to win.

    People should not underestimate us.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


  3. This is what we’re up against, Linda: last month, the Clinton campaign held almost sixty fundraising events. They’ve often held these events with hedge fund managers, fracking interests, pharmaceutical executives, and other industries with business before the government.

    Meanwhile, their Wall Street-funded super PAC spent ridiculous amounts of money to tip the balance in their favor in Super Tuesday states, and the trend continues in a number of contests happening over the next two weeks.

    But what the billionaire class has yet to realize is that in this election, their obscene wealth is their weakness. Part of the reason we are doing so well and exceeded expectations last night is because the American people have had ENOUGH of a corrupt campaign finance system being used to buy our candidates and elections.

    Our campaign is funded almost exclusively by 4.8 million individual contributions made by people like you. So we’ve set an important new goal: reaching 5 million individual contributions by the time Michigan votes in six days.

    Make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign and help us reach 5 million individual contributions by the time Michigan votes in six days.

    When it comes to taking on Donald Trump in November, one thing is clear: Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike are sick of the influence of big money in politics. We cannot afford to give Trump the upper-hand on this issue. It could be decisive.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


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