Bernie Sanders Defends His Criticism of the CIA

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Source: TeleSUR
February 24 2016

bernie saunders 6.jpg

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders | Photo: Reuters

“I do have some concerns about past activities of the CIA,’ Sanders told host Chris Cuomo. ‘Which, continues, by the way, to the present,’ the Vermont senator added.”

Sanders voiced concerns about the CIA on Tuesday, which he said overthrew democratically-elected leaders for moneyed interests.

During a CNN Town Hall debate on Tuesday democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defended his 1974 critique of the Central Intelligence Agency as “a dangerous institution that has got to go.”

When CNN reporter Chris Cuomo asked Bernie Sanders about the comments he made about the CIA in the 1970s, Sanders replied saying ‘‘that was 40 years ago’’ and that he believes the CIA plays ‘‘an important role.’’

Still uncomfortable with the role of the CIA

However, later during his comments Sanders stated that he is still uncomfortable with the role of the CIA.

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