US Republicans Rubio, Cruz, Kasich will support Trump

This video from the USA says about itself:

Veterans To Trump: End Hate Speech

3 March 2016

Iraq War Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Zach Choate says he was kicked out of a Trump event this week to say no to racism, Islamaphobia, and xenophobia.

GOP Candidates Pledge To Support Donald Trump If He’s The Nominee. So much for calling him a “con man”: here.

Donald Trump Nearly Turns GOP Debate Into Literal Dick-Measuring Contest: here.

LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE DEVOLVED QUICKLY Between Donald Trump assuring America about the size of his hands to discussions about Little Marco, this was a debate for the crude insult history books. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio did land some massive punches on the front-runner, with some help from the moderators, but it would appear to be too little, too late. [Jonathan Cohn, HuffPost]

The Republican presidential nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney, denounced the party’s current presidential frontrunner, billionaire Donald Trump, in a remarkable speech Thursday at Utah State University. In the 20-minute address, broadcast by all the cable networks to a national television audience, Romney called Trump a fraud, a threat to democracy and a man grossly unfit to be president. The speech lays bare deep divisions within the US ruling class as a whole, which are ripping apart the Republican Party: here.

Mitt Romney’s plan for the GOP convention, which last night’s GOP debate seemed to throw a wrench in: Rubio goes from “#NeverTrump” to “never say never Trump,” dampening talk of a contested convention.

Sony is trying to bury a Sasha Baron Cohen movie that contains a controversial scene about Donald Trump.

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday, not even the political establishment and media can deny that the United States is in the throes of a profound political crisis. The candidacy of Donald Trump can no longer be dismissed—as it has been until very recently by so many pundits—as merely a bizarre and even somewhat entertaining sideshow. While the outcome remains uncertain, the front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination is a candidate whose persona and appeal are of a distinctly fascistic character: here.

John Kasich Continues His Pattern Of Making Demeaning Comments To Women: here.

33 thoughts on “US Republicans Rubio, Cruz, Kasich will support Trump

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  11. I’ve been a little rough on Marco Rubio. Because he deserves it. He purports to represent twenty million Floridians in the Senate, and he’s done nothing to improve our lives.

    I’m running for the seat that Little Marco Rubio holds in the Senate. And for the past nine months, while every other candidate in our race has been attacking me, I’ve been attacking Rubio. Because I want people to understand that I’ll be the anti-Rubio.

    I’ll actually get good things done for ordinary people.

    That’s what we need in the US Senate, right? So help make it happen, with your contribution of $3 today. Every dollar counts, because every person counts – including you! >>

    I have gone all around Our Great State of Florida, pointing out that Little Marco has the worst attendance record in the U.S. Senate. Worse than 82-year-old Sen. Diane Feinstein, who was elected to public office before Marco Rubio was born. Worse the Sen. Mark Kirk, who was confined to a wheelchair after a brutal stroke.

    Little Marco didn’t like it when I said that.

    I have also pointed out that I have passed more than fifty amendments in the past three years, and numerous Grayson bills are now the law of the land, while during the past five years, Rubio’s successful legislative output consists of a single resolution: renaming September “Spinal Cord Injury Month.” No matter. I’m going to keep calling it September.

    Little Marco didn’t like it when I said that, either.

    And from time to time, I have tossed in a little Shakespeare (because someone in public life ought to do that, and Robert Kennedy is long gone). I have described Rubio as having a “lean and thirsty look,” because on national TV Rubio took a swig of water in the middle of . . . oh, you get it. I just wish that the very next line in Julius Caesar also were true of Rubio: “He thinks too much.” The line after that fits, though: “Such men are dangerous.” Dangerous, because Rubio leads people to believe that for a legislator, a nice hairline and a good (albeit fictitious) “life story” somehow are more important than . . . legislating.

    Do you think that the U.S. Senate ready for someone who quotes Shakespeare while championing justice, equality and peace? If yes, then click here >>

    My statewide trolling of Little Marco as I run for his seat seems to have pierced the DC bubble, and word has gotten back to him. A few days ago, he called me a “certified lunatic.”

    “Certified”? Definitely not “certified”; I would have remembered that. Politifact, where are you when we need you?

    And where was all this moxie from Rubio when Rubio was running against Donald Trump, calling Trump out for nothing worse than having short fingers? (Because short fingers mean . . . short mittens, as Rubio well knows.)

    This is a good lesson in political discourse: we criticize right-wingers like Marco Rubio for doing absolutely nothing useful to improve the lot of the common man. They respond by calling us insane. And stupid. And evil. And ugly.

    Regarding ugly, I readily concede the point. But not the others.

    Anyway, Marco Rubio is thinking about running against me for his old seat. His sole asset is that he does have a certain talent for flattering rich old white guys into giving him money.

    He has them. And I have you. Donate to our campaign today, and show them that it’s Rubio that he’s the “certified lunatic” for thinking that toadying to the rich and powerful is enough to keep a Senate seat >>


    Rep. Alan Grayson


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  14. Media paroxysms and convulsions continued today over the possibility that Marco Rubio might run against me for reelection – the filing deadline is Friday.

    I feel a preternatural calm. I think that we can beat Marco Rubio. If you and I work together.

    Do you want to help end Marco Rubio’s political career, and replace him with a Senator with Guts? Then contribute $3 or more to our “No to Rubio” Fund, right here and right now >>

    We’re talking about the Marco Rubio who just wasted $112 million running for President, and won just one state: Minnesota.

    The Marco Rubio who, according to some reports, spent north of $40 million to win his own state’s Republican Presidential Primary just three months ago, and won just 27% of his own party’s vote. It would have been cheaper for him to hand out $50 bills to his voters – and a lot more effective.

    The Marco Rubio who was rejected by Republican voters in 66 of our 67 counties.

    The Marco Rubio who ran such a putrid campaign that he ended up apologizing to . . . of all people! . . . Donald Trump.

    You know, that Marco Rubio.

    Let’s ‘JUST SAY NO’ to Marco Rubio. Please donate $3 to our “No to Rubio” Fund >>

    Little Marco Rubio must be scared to go to the Secretary of State’s office in Tallahassee, our capital, in case there’s a truant officer waiting for him there. He did have the worst attendance record in the Senate, even before he ran for President. Worse even than 82-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who was elected to office before Rubio was born.

    And wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to pit the Most Effective Member of Congress (as Slate called me) against the least effective Senator? The only legislation that Marco Rubio has passed in his five years in office was a resolution to rename September “Spinal Cord Injury Month.” I guess it was just too hard for him to rename a post office, instead.

    One last thought – Marco Rubio is so deep into sewer money that his Super PAC got $13.5 million from someone named Anonymous! It would be divine justice to pit him against the one Senate candidate in the entire country who has raised most of his contributions from small donors. (Hint: me.)

    But only if you help. It’s time for you to step up, click here, and drop some major coin into our “No to Rubio” Fund. Remember: the government you save may be your own >>


    Rep. Alan Grayson


  15. Unless Marco Rubio cuts a major artery with his razor in the next few weeks, he will be our general election opponent. Now I could go on and on and on about why you should help me defeat Rubio. Which you can do, by clicking here >>

    Yes, I could go off on Marco Rubio. But that would be so insipid. So jejune. So banal. That would be like reading an e-mail from my “Democratic” opponent, Patrick Murphy.

    So, instead, I’m going to share with you Donald Trump’s reasons why Marco Rubio must be defeated. Which Trump just did, four months ago. In Florida. Among GOP voters. Thus ending Rubio’s Presidential campaign, and forcing him to parachute into my Senate race.

    This will be good. Take it away, Donald:

    On Marco Rubio’s corruption:

    “Here’s a guy [Marco Rubio] – here’s a guy that buys a house for $179,000, he sells it to a lobbyist who’s probably here for $380,000, and then legislation is passed. You tell me about this guy.”

    On Marco Rubio’s incompetence as a Senator:

    “[Marco]Rubio comes out. He represents for a short period of time the people of Florida. He has got the worst attendance record in the United States Senate, doesn`t vote.”

    In case you missed it the first time:

    “He has the number-one worst attendance record in the US Senate. He doesn’t show up. That’s why the people of Florida don’t like him.”

    And on the unbearable lightness of being Marco Rubio:

    “[Marco Rubio] has the appearance to killers of the world as a ‘lightweight’”.

    There it is: four excellent reasons for defeating Marco Rubio, from someone [admittedly, a really twisted someone] who just did defeat Marco Rubio. So please pitch in $3 or more, and make it happen. Let’s re-defeat Marco Rubio >>


    Rep. Alan Grayson


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  17. Marco Rubio is running his first TV ad, and – surprise! – it’s a dishonest attack ad.

    Rubio is calling me a “liberal” (no surprise there) with “dangerous ideas about fighting terror.”

    My so-called “dangerous ideas”? I support the “Iran deal,” and I would “close Guantanamo.”

    Yes, I voted for the “Iran deal.” Note how many nuclear weapons Iran has built since that “deal” went into effect: zero.

    Yes, I would close the “detention camp” at Guantanamo Bay, because it does not make us safer, and the United States should not be in the business of holding foreign captives without due process until they die of old age.

    Which doesn’t change the fact, of course, that Rubio is running his lousy attack ad all over Florida to smear me – and defeat us.

    Don’t let that happen. Contribute $3 to our campaign, right here and right now, and help us fight back >>

    Here are some genuine “dangerous ideas” – dangerous to the hegemony of the military-industrial complex.

    Maybe the United States should not pursue military attacks and foreign occupations, one after another, without Congress ever declaring war.

    Maybe the United States should not conduct “foreign interventions” that create failed states like Iraq and Libya, which become breeding grounds for terrorist groups.

    Maybe the United States should invite local governments and putative allies in the region, like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Pakistan and others, to put down the threat from ISIS themselves.

    Maybe . . . peace.

    I’m being attacked right now, all through Florida, by an apologist for failed foreign intervention that has done nothing to make us safer. (Marco, I’m looking at you.) Florida voters are making up their minds. Please, don’t let him shout us down. Give generously to this campaign, knowing that in the U.S. Senate, I will be a champion for a sane foreign policy – a champion for peace >>

    Someone has to do it.


    Rep. Alan Grayson


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