Kingfisher and fungi

Black bulgar fungus

22 November 2015 was a rather cold day, with every now and then rain or hail. We went to the Duivenvoorde and Horsten estates. On a pile of logs on Duivenvoorde, there was this Black bulgar fungus.

Black bulgar fungus on log

A robin sat on the logs as well.

A hare ran away. A wigeon flock flying overhead.

Two great egrets flying over a meadow.

Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries on a tree.

A bit further, fieldfares and redwings in treetops. And a big starling flock.

In the Horsten, coal fungus growing on an old tree stump.

On a meadow, many gray lag geese and great white-fronted geese.

Trees in De Horsten

And trees in the woodland …

Horsten trees


… with many raindrops on their branches because of today’s weather.

Jelly fungus

Jelly fungus on a tree branch; a species better at surviving winter than most other fungi.

As we go back to Duivenvoorde, a kingfisher sits on a big tree stump along a canal.

Some fly agaric fungi; rare in this region.

Fungi of Dutch dikes: here.

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