Film about hummingbirds at Rotterdam festival

This video is called HUMMINGBIRDS-JEWELLED MESSENGERS (trailer).

Another film at the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will be Hummingbirds – Jewelled Messengers.

The festival organizers write about this film:

This is the story of how hummingbirds became the greatest aerial acrobats on earth. Plants ‘created’ hummingbirds as their messengers, carrying pollen from flower to flower. The film, narrated by David Attenborough, follows the evolution of the birds, as they are shaped by their role as ‘go-betweens’.

Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any vertebrate. They can hover, fly backwards and even backwards and upside down at the same time. They are the smallest warm-blooded creatures on earth. These glittering birds live on the edge of what is possible, even going into a kind of hibernation each night, and all because of plants.

5 thoughts on “Film about hummingbirds at Rotterdam festival

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