Film about birds on Dutch Terschelling island

This 9 February 2015 Dutch video is the trailer of the film ‘De Vogelwachter, tijd bestaat niet, alleen maar tij’.

At the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, there will not be just the new kingfisher film, but this one as well:

The work of bird rangers in European Nature Reserve De Boschplaat on Dutch island Terschelling not merely consists of guarding the reserve. Hosting, providing information, monitoring and making inventories are equally important. The last professional bird ranger from Staatsbosbeheer, Oene de Jong, takes us on a journey into this extraordinary world, through a beautiful, dynamic landscape.

Retired rangers share their stories, supported by unique footage, philosophical anecdotes and beautiful time-lapse photography. All this manifests the importance of the bird ranger history and its great value to the cultural-historical heritage of this West Frisian Island. Beside De Boschplaat the filmmaker also visits Engelsmanplaat and Rottumerplaat, two unique islands in the Wadden Sea World Heritage area where bird rangers are permanently stationed during the breeding season.

See also here.

Terschelling birds: here.

7 thoughts on “Film about birds on Dutch Terschelling island

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