British government welcomes Middle East dictators, not refugees

This video says about itself:

Britain, Bahrain, and torture

26 March 2015

The leader of the largest party in Bahrain is in court today for promoting political change. The UK continues to support the Gulf state, with Cameron refusing to even countenance the boycott of the Bahrain Grand Prix. With recent footage showing a protest apparently shot for holding up a picture of opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, will Britain step away from a regime dogged with accusations of a human rights record that includes torture. And the government also failed to respond to calls to arrest Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa, who posted a selfie video of him running in Hyde Park last week.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

A mendacious and xenophobic denigration of refugees

Saturday 12th September 2015

The Paddy McGuffin column

A smoke filled auction room, which may or may not be a Middle Eastern branch of Sotheby’s somewhere in the United Arab Emirates

“Welcome back ladies, gentlemen, crown princes, sultanas, tycoons and oligarchs. As the British ambassador allow me to welcome you to this very special auction.

“And now we move to lot number 48. A genuine British visa.

“This much coveted item is the very latest in must-have accessories for the millionaire psychopath on the go.

“Tired of irksome border checks and being made to queue with the peasantry? Well worry no more, with this beautifully inscribed get-out-of-jail free card borders are a thing of the past.

“Need to check up on that multi-million pound property in central London?

“Unexpectedly need to flee the country due to outrageous charges of human rights abuses?

“With the new deluxe visa nothing could be simpler. You’ll be through the gates at Heathrow before you can say indentured servitude and slave labour.

“The reserve price for this particular item is a mere £2 million. Who will start me in the bidding?

“Two and a half million? Thank you your highness, it will make a lovely engagement present for your new wife, what number is she again? Well, they do say fifth time is the charm.

“Now, going at two and a half, do I hear three?”

It is reassuring to know at a time when countless thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean and being brutalised by border police across Europe that amid all this hand wringing and self-examination Britain still has its priorities and traditional values in place.

Namely if you’ve got a sack full of cash the door is always open.

It has long been believed that a key attribute of humanity — as distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom — is the capacity to hold two conflicting ideas in the mind at the same time.

Conversely, a principle indicator of inhumanity is the capacity to be aware of both sides of the argument and yet still bloody mindedly choose the one which will cause most harm.

Thus, as tens of thousands take to the streets today to demand a relaxing of Britain’s borders and a degree of common decency in the treatment of the desperate and vulnerable, the government is happily continuing with its mendacious and savagely xenophobic denigration of impoverished refugees while simultaneously taking whacking great back-handers from billionaire despots and capitalist scumbags to fast track them into the country.

Ironically many of these self-same despots and dictators have retained their blood-soaked grip on power by using weapons sold to them by, er, Britain.

These would also be the murderous regimes that millions are being forced to flee from only to run slap-bang into the impervious walls of fortress Europe.

But you see, you can’t trust them. They’re not really refugees, as such. Most of them are just freeloaders looking for hand-outs and a better life, we are pompously informed.

This of course is a patent lie because as everyone knows No-One can get benefits anymore in this country.

6 thoughts on “British government welcomes Middle East dictators, not refugees

  1. The history of British controlling elites have for centuries been committed to violence throughout the world, the British non elite are complicit in working with the governing powers whom we must presume having been cowered by fear and their fore cooperating with government agencies, the time since 1967 when the governing elite decided on the destruction of any who showed what the government decided as defiance would crack down on all those who were considered influences that weakened governing oppressive power, thus mi5 and also the cia working together in schemes such as MKultra, these atrocities have never been investigated and were the beginning of civil war against the people of Britain, the British public were not able to comprehend the covert nature of this political agenda in the main the decision for the many to seek truth became a misnomer and to this day I would say the vast population of the British public do not get they are the victims of mind control? hence the lack of a dynamic energy against war at home and abroad, this violence of populations abroad who in the main are completely innocent of any moral or criminal crime, the criminals are our governments in power.
    Whether the new minister voted in for labors leader will overcome the mind set of what many now have having been indoctrinated for centuries as a in bred mind set is debatable the normality of corruption has been so part of every day life that almost it is now longer detectable as a problem, the heroes of the recent past such as Goenka, RDLaing, Ram Das, Buddhistic thought, Christianity, Hinduism, Kristnamurti, Sai Baba, and many others having led us astray and now yesterdays heroes are for the most part history, I would venture to say almost all of the people I have came across in my life are either insane, depraved, or what is left of their psyche insane, I am uncertain as to whether I attracted these people or they are a general condition of mankind this uncertainty is a constant worry as to if this is so or not? the only certainty is the doubt I have as what most people think is so.


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