Aardvark baby born at Dutch zoo

This video says about itself:

5 January 2015

As the sun sinks over the African savannah, a whole new set of animals sniff the breeze, emerging from their hiding places, ready to begin their day. The Aardvark is one such creature. Shy, secretive, and just plain bizarre, these seldom seen myrmecophages begin their nightly venture into the black night. Join us as we follow one of these mysterious earth movers on its nightly sojourn into the African wild.

A week ago, a baby aardvark was born in Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This happens only rarely. Media were told about it only today, because aardvarks often die during or just after birth.

8 thoughts on “Aardvark baby born at Dutch zoo

  1. Oh I just love aardvarks. I only saw one once in the wild, but I have a nearly life sized one carved out of jacaranda wood by a Nairobi street carver. The carver had never seen one in the wild either, but he made a good stab at it.


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