Drunk hedgehog saved from road

This 2 June 2015 video is about the drunk hedgehog in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands, 1 June 2015:

The animal ambulance in Arnhem has saved a drunken hedgehog from traffic. This reports the animal shelter in Arnhem on its Facebook page. The animal treated itself to advocaat alcoholic drink after a bottle had broken on the street. A passerby saw the hedgehog was extremely intoxicated, unable to do anything. It was also unable to roll itself into a ball in case of imminent danger. The animal ambulance was warned.

The hedgehog was taken to a shelter for animals, where it slept during its ‘high’. The animal will be released back into the wild when it will feel well again.

Meanwhile, the hedgehog has been freed.

15 thoughts on “Drunk hedgehog saved from road

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