Football World Cup in dictatorial Qatar, workers die

This video, from the construction workers union in the Netherlands, says about itself:

FIFA, take action for workers in Qatar, 2022 World Cup

7 May 2015

The world is preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. 4.000 migrant workers will die during construction of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. The world holds FIFA accountable. Sepp Blatter, please take action!

Red Card for FIFA – Stand Up for Workers’ Rights in Qatar

Give FIFA a red card NOW.

This video was from before the present arrests of football officials in Switzerland.

Britain: Conservative MP Crouch ignores exploitation of workers. NEW Sports Minister Tracey Crouch showed her true colours yesterday when discussing the Premier League television deal and the 2022 World Cup, saying that the main reason the 2022 World Cup should be moved from Qatar was due to the heat: here.

By Kadeem Simmonds in Britain:

Blatter is told: We have had enough

Friday 29th May 2015

Uefa come out fighting ahead of today‘s presidential elections

SEPP BLATTER was left clinging to his position as Fifa president yesterday as Uefa vowed to back Ali bin al-Hussein in today’s election.

Calls for Blatter to step down and withdraw his candidacy as the head of Fifa increased dramatically after nine Fifa officials were arrested at a hotel in Zurich Wednesday morning.

Uefa leader Michel Platini confronted the 79-year-old in an emergency meeting and told him to quit, with Blatter saying he was still the right person to lead football’s governing body.

Platini then said in press conference: “I have had enough — enough is enough, too much is too much. I am the first to be disgusted.

“I told Mr Blatter: ‘We started together and now I am asking you to step down as we cannot continue this way.’

“He told me: ‘It’s too late, I can’t today all of sudden leave when Congress starts this afternoon’.”

The backing of Uefa makes the race a lot closer than originally expected, with Platini rallying a late call for more voters to distance themselves from Blatter.

“A very, very big majority of Uefa associations will vote for Prince Ali — a minimum of 45 or 46 [out of 53] and I try to convince more.”

But he did warn that should Blatter somehow be voted back into power, it would demonstrate how strong his grip is.

If he has decided to stay on, it means he is still strong,” Platini said.

“But there’s a renewal of democracy in the African zone to vote freely. As I said to Europe, vote freely — but vote for Prince Ali.”

Blatter eventually commented on the arrests and unsurprisingly said he was not to blame for the actions of others, saying that he “cannot monitor everyone all of the time.”

Speaking for the first time since this scandal erupted, he said: “Actions of individuals bring shame and humiliation on football and demand action and change from us all.

“We cannot allow the reputation of Fifa and football to be dragged through the mud, it has to stop here and now.

“I know many people hold me ultimately responsible for actions of football’s governing community.

“I cannot monitor everyone all of the time, if people want to do wrong they will also try to hide. But it must fall to me for the responsibility for organisation and find a way to fix things.”

See also here.

The rampant financial corruption within football’s ruling body is being utilised by the US primarily as a propaganda weapon against Russia, chosen by FIFA to host the 2018 World Cup: here.

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