24 thoughts on “Ferguson, USA ‘debtors’ prison judge’ owes $170K in unpaid taxes

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  5. Lee’s Summit sued over municipal court fees


    rpulley@lsjournal.comMarch 27, 2015

    Lee’s Summit and other area municipalities are part of a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of residents who have paid so-called “warrant fees” or “failure to appear fees.”

    Lee’s Summit was served with the suit on Tuesday. The lawsuit is still early in the process, with some cities still not having gotten notice of the suit.

    The suit named three plaintiffs: Jonathan Gerke of Harrisonville, Jarid Ward of Kansas City and Julie Kenney of Lee’s Summit. They are suing on behalf of themselves and potentially thousands of others. They contend the named cities are collecting surcharges not authorized by Missouri statute. It contends the cities collect the fees to generate profit. Critics of the fees say they fall hardest on poor.

    Lee’s Summit, it said, charges an “escalating” $50 failure-to-appear fee.

    The suit, filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, is asking for a judge to order the cities that assessed and collected the fees to refund the money collected since Jan. 1, 2005 to plaintiffs in the class.

    Other cities named in the suit are Kansas City, Independence, Grandview, Raytown, Blue Springs, Greenwood, Lake Lotawana, Buckner, Oak Grove, Lake Tapawingo and Lone Jack.



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  12. A key part of the failed War on Drugs lets law enforcement agencies seize cash, cars, and other property from people merely suspected of violating a drug law without even charging them with a crime. Then they keep the cash and property for themselves, which gives them every financial incentive to violate our civil rights. And of course they target people of color and the working poor who can’t afford a lawyer to fight back.

    But now support for reform is growing across party lines. Let’s join the Drug Policy Alliance in telling Congress to end “policing for profit” by abolishing civil asset forfeiture.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik

    We need to fix disastrous drug policies. Sign the petition.

    Dear Activist,

    As a Democrats.com reader you know that the war on drugs has failed. That’s why I’m writing you about the growing bipartisan movement on Capitol Hill to stop one of our nation’s worst drug-related policies – asset forfeiture.

    Law enforcement seizes cash, cars, and other property from people suspected of violating a drug law without even charging them with a crime. And then what do they do with the cash and property they seized? They keep it for themselves.

    But momentum is mounting for reform and your representatives need to hear from you. Please urge your representatives to end policing for profit – sign the petition today!

    Law enforcement agencies nationwide have taken in $2.5 billion from nearly 62,000 cash seizures under the federal civil forfeiture program since 2001.

    And who do they target the most? Normally people of color, and those unable to afford a lawyer to fight back.

    A vast majority of Americans want Congress to end this brutish practice, and now momentum is mounting for bipartisan reform. But it’s pivotal that we enact real reform – because no one should have their property seized unless they are convicted of a crime in a court of law.

    This must end now – please send an urgent message to Congress immediately.

    It’s time to end this ugly relic of the drug war.


    Bill Piper
    Director of National Affairs
    Drug Policy Alliance

    P.S. If anyone else did this we would call it highway robbery, but thanks to laws enacted during the height of drug war hysteria in the 1980’s, it’s all technically legal. Help us end policing for profit – sign the petition now.


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