Debtors’ prisons are back in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Corrupt Judges and Attorneys Are Jailing People For Being Poor

11 March 2018

Most people probably believe that debtors’ prisons are ancient history, but since the 1970’s in the United States, more and more American citizens have been thrown in jail over private debts. And in the last few years, judges have increased the number of people being put into prison because they can’t pay their debts.

According to a recent report by the ACLU, more and more American citizens are being thrown into prison by judges who say that private debt held by collection agencies is now a criminal offense, which most legal experts agree is a clear violation of the equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment. But as the corporate stranglehold on American life gets tighter, it is becoming increasingly clear that corporations always get what they want, and right now they want Americans put in jail if they aren’t paying their debts. Ring of Fire‘s Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discuss this.

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