5 thoughts on “Economic crisis in the USA

  1. The banks took billions in taxpayer bailouts, then turned on their own customers – hiking interest rates on credit card balances, changing fixed rates to variable, adding new card fees, reducing good customers’ credit limits.

    President Obama wants to do something about it, but some recalcitrant Senators may not vote with him.

    Tell your own Senators right now to vote “YES” for S. 414, the credit card reform bill.

    S. 414 could go to the Senate floor for a vote NEXT WEEK, but it will be a tough fight. The bill passed the Senate Banking Committee by only a one-vote margin. And the bank lobby is swarming Washington to get both Democrats and Republicans to vote against this good bill.

    What will S. 414 do? It will give you the credit card deal you signed up for. No retroactive rate increases on your existing balance. A more fair method of applying your payments to high-interest debt, not just to the lowest-interest balance. And it will curb aggressive marketing of credit to youth.

    These are common-sense changes, but the banks say they will harm consumers. We don’t buy it! And your Senators shouldn’t either.

    Your quick message to your Senators right now could swing this vote!

    Congress hasn’t passed a pro-consumer bill on credit cards in decades! This is a huge moment for all of us. So once you send your own quick message, forward this on to friends and family so they can take action too.


    Kathy Mitchell
    Consumers Union Action Fund, Inc.
    506 W. 14th Street, Suite A
    Austin, TX 78701


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