8 thoughts on “Richest United States Americans live 15 years longer than the poor

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  3. Thank you. Because of you and the thousands of calls made that flooded the offices of Senators Susan Collins, Dean Heller, and others, Mitch McConnell just announced that the Senate will delay their vote on the disastrous American Health Care Act until after the July recess.

    We’ve bought ourselves some time to stop this bill for good. Now Republican senators have to go home to explain why they’re trying to rip health care away from 22 million. We must remain vigilant and protect health care for millions of Americans. Please donate any amount to Our Revolution to help fuel our efforts to stop this terrible health care bill.

    The tide is turning in our favor but there’s no telling how abruptly the GOP will turn around and try to force a vote on health care. It’s clear that our model of organizing is working. Our Revolution and other grassroots organizations are taking back power from Republican legislators through direct actions, phone calls, and the electoral power we’re building across the country.

    Lives are on the line in the debate over our health care. Make a contribution of any amount today to help us organize for Medicare for All.

    This is a great victory. The political revolution is winning, and that’s all thanks to your efforts and support. Thank you.

    In solidarity,

    Shannon Jackson
    Executive Director
    Our Revolution


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