Don’t let Mumia Abu-Jamal die

This video from the USA says about itself:

Free Mumia and International Solidarity at the Left Forum

10 June 2013

The panel focuses on how strong and significant the international solidarity movement for Mumia Abu-Jamal has been, what has motivated those around the world to demonstrate such consistent support, and how the international Mumia movement has contributed toward building an anti-imperialist movement.

From the International Action Center in the USA:


Mon. April 6 national call in: No medical execution of Mumia!





Stopped from carrying out the death penalty against Mumia Abu-Jamal by a worldwide movement that spanned three decades, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has been attempting over the past three months to execute him by medical neglect.

On March 30, Abu-Jamal was rushed, unconscious, to the Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa., suffering from diabetic shock, with a dangerously high blood sugar level of 779.  After just two days of treatment in the hospital’s ICU, on April 1, Abu-Jamal was returned to the prison infirmary at SCI Mahanoy in Frackville, Pa., into the hands of the very same doctors whose medical neglect and mistreatment nearly killed him.

Prison officials initially denied visits by family members, supporters and Abu-Jamal’s attorneys and only backed down after receiving thousands of calls. Those able to visit Mumia on April 3 reported he was extremely weak, had lost 80 pounds, and still had elevated blood sugar levels over 300. For lunch that day the prison fed him spaghetti, one of the worst foods to give a diabetic patient.

The murder of aging political prisoners by denying them inadequate health care has happened before. Earlier this year, MOVE 9 member Phil Africa died under suspicious circumstances at SCI Dallas. The lack of standard medical treatment impacts all prisoners, particularly those over 55.

We are demanding that the state of Pennsylvania cease and desist in their attempts to murder political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal:

●Allow daily visits by Mumia’s family, friends and attorneys. Their support and protection at this time of vulnerability should not be restricted.

●Allow Mumia’s choice of specialist doctors to examine and schedule treatment for him — NOW. Neither the prison staff at SCI Mahanoy nor the Schuylkill Medical Center has a diabetes specialist. There is precedent in Pennsylvania for this. Prisoner John E. du Pont, an heir to the du Pont chemical fortune, was allowed care by private doctors during imprisonment. Mumia deserves the same.

●Release Mumia’s medical records to his attorneys.

●Release from prison all the elderly age 55 and over. Mumia will turn 61 on April 24.

●Allowa full investigation of prison health care in Pennsylvania.

●Mumia is innocent and should never have been incarcerated. We demand his immediate release.

We are calling on everyone to participate in the following actions over the next few days:

Twitter widely using the hashtags #mumiamustlive,  #saveMumia and #Blacklivesmatter.

Call, fax and email the following state officials to raise the above demands:

~ DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-4109;

~ Gov. Tom Wolf: 717-772-5000; fax 717-772-8284;

~ Prison Superintendent John Kerestes: 570-773-2158;

MONDAY, APRIL 6: A car caravan will demand to see Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Superintendent John Wetzel at the DOC office: 1920 Technology Parkway, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 at 11 a.m. Cars leaving Philadelphia will gather at 7 a.m. on JFK Boulevard between 30th and 31st Streets (across from Bolt and Mega buses). If you can offer rides or need a ride, call or text Joe Piette at 610-931-2615 or email

TUESDAY, APRIL 7: Press conference in Philadelphia at 11 a.m. outside

District Attorney Seth Williams’ office at Juniper Street & South Penn Square (across from City Hall, near Macy’s).

FRIDAY, APRIL 10: Organize a demonstration in your city, on your campus, wherever you can get out word to stop this attempt to murder Mumia. We need to SHUT IT DOWN FOR MUMIA!

Mumia’s family and supporters present demands to the Dept. of Corrections, Mechanicsburg, PA 4/3/2015  

Video link by Power to the People Radio Program

Column written by Mumia Abu-Jamal 3/5/15 

Ferguson, USA”

With breathless news reports, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Pattern and Practice Study paints a damning picture of a long, cruel and bitter train of maltreatment, mass profiling, police targeting and brutality against Black people in the Missouri town of Ferguson.

What may be even worse, however, is how the town’s police, judges and political leaders conspired to loot the community — by fining them into more poverty, fines which today account for some 25 percent of the county’s budget.

Correctly, cops have been criticized for their juvenile emails and texts of racism and contempt against the local Black community and even Black leaders in Washington, D.C.

There is largely silence, however, over the role of judges, who used their robes to squeeze money from the community, with unfair fines and fees — even using their jails as an illegal kind of debtor’s prison.

In 1869, during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria, a statute known as the Debtors Act was passed, which forever abolished imprisonment as punishment for debt.

In today’s Missouri, it’s still used to punish and exploit the poor. But, truth be told, it ain’t just Missouri.

Famed Rolling Stone writer, Matt Taibbi, in his 2014 book, The Divide, tells a similar tale, but from points all across America — Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy, Gainesville, Georgia, Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond — [where] poor people are being squeezed and squeezed by cops, by judges, by local governments — to part with their last dime — to support a system corrupt to the core.

Taibbi’s full title might give us some insight: The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.

It’s the system — one of exploitation or predation, ultimately of capitalism.

© ‘15maj

A federal judge threw out the Revictimization Relief Act, the outrageous Pennsylvania law passed almost unanimously by the state legislature late last year in an effort to silence the well-known prisoner and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal: here.

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