USA: historian thrown into jail like a criminal

This video from the USA is called: HNN: Historian’s Arrest for Jaywalking; part 1.

These two videos are the sequels.

From the American Historical Association:

Saturday January 6, 2007

It was a day of news.

The morning brought word that one of the lifetime members of the AHA attending the annual convention had been arrested and tossed in jail for jaywalking.

On Friday the Tufts historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto was arrested by Atlanta police as he crossed the middle of the street between the Hilton and Hyatt hotels.

After being thrown on the ground and handcuffed, the former Oxford don was formally arrested, his hands cuffed behind his back.

Several policemen pressed hard on his neck and chest, leaving the mild-mannered scholar, who’s never gotten so much as a parking ticket, bruised and in pain.

He was then taken down to the detention center along with other accused felons and thrown into a filthy jail cell filled with prisoners. He remained incarcerated for eight hours.

Officials demanded bail of over a thousand dollars. To come up up with the money Fernandez-Armesto, the author of nineteen books, had to make an arrangement with a bail bondsman.

In court even the prosecutors seemed embarrassed by the arrest and asked Fernandez-Armesto to plead nolo contendere.

He refused, concerned that the stain on his record might put his green card status in jeopardy.

Officials finally agreed to drop all charges. The judge expressed his approval.

The professor says he has no plans to sue. But the AHA council is considering lodging a complaint with the city.

Professor Fernandez-Armesto provided HNN with a riveting account of his day in an Atlanta jail. We have broken the interview into several parts to make the download quicker.

So, the hysteria in the USA is certainly not limited to the ‘anti terrorist’ arrest of eminent Egyptian Egyptologist Hawass.

9 thoughts on “USA: historian thrown into jail like a criminal

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