15 thoughts on “Stop United States private prisons

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  6. Bernie Wants To Lock Up Fewer People Than China Does. Can He Do It?

    Sanders promised Thursday night that by the end of his first term, the U.S. would no longer have the ignoble distinction of having the highest number of prisoners in the world. The statistical victory is especially grim given that it is not a per capita stat, but aggregate. Even China, with more than a billion people, has fewer prisoners.

    So can Sanders meet his goal? Let’s do some back-of-the-envelope math.

    There are around 200,000 federal prisoners, the vast majority in for immigration violations and drug crimes. Commuting some of those sentences could get Sanders partway there. But the rest of the work would need to be done at the state level. Sanders’ argument for his candidacy is that if he wins, it will open up political space for movement that didn’t exist before. That could allow some states to accelerate commutations — perhaps starting with, say, all drug offenders who are cashing Social Security checks in prison.

    China currently has around 2.15 million people in prison if you count “administrative detention,” which of course you should. The U.S. is locking up around 2.24 million.

    Can Sanders find a way to bring the U.S. prison population down by 100,000 people in four years? If not, it’s not much of a revolution.

    Ryan Grim



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