150 pangolins saved from death for quackery

This video says about itself:

With its giant digging claws, the pangolin is nature’s backhoe. And a long, sticky tongue — capable of slurping up thousands of ants or termites every day — makes it the scourge of the bug world.

From Wildlife Extra:

Thai authorities rescue 150 Pangolins destined for traditional medicine

The Thai Army, the Black Rangers, has rescued 150 Pangolins being smuggled from Myanmar to China, via Thailand.

This is the biggest yet seizure of live Pangolins in the city of Chiang Mai, with an estimated value of 3m Thai Baht.

The Pangolin is primarily illegally traded for its scales, which are believed to have strong medical benefits in Traditional Chinese Medicine, although the young are made into soup.

However, no medical evidence exists supporting these beliefs although tens of thousands of Pangolins are cruelly poached in the wild and traded illegally.

World Animal Protection works with the Thai government to improve welfare conditions for wild animals seized in the crackdown against the illegal wildlife trade.

Am Last, Thailand’s World Animal Protection Country Director, says: “Pangolins belong in the wild, not in medicine. The trade in these amazing animals is a serious threat to their survival.

“We highly commend all involved Thai authorities on successfully intercepting one of the biggest illegal shipments of live Pangolins in Thailand. Actions like these help to curb such cruel trade.

“World Animal Protection works to keep wild animals in the wild where they belong and is supporting a comprehensive project to improve the confiscated wild animal keeping skills of the Department of National Parks.

“We call on the authorities to provide the best possible care for these victims of the illegal wildlife trade.”

The rescued Pangolins are currently being cared for and rehabilitated at two wildlife centres in Thailand with an eventual goal of being released back to the wild.

Prince William’s charity, United for Wildlife, has made a big commitments to protect Pangolins and Saturday 21 Feb has been designated World Pangolin Day.

For more information about World Animal Protection visit here.

And for United for Wildlife visit here.

7 ways to celebrate World Pangolin Day: here.

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