Paraguayan termites’ coup d’etat against coup d’etat president

Presidential palace in Paraguay

A video which used to be on Youtube used to say about itself:

Termites Attack Presidential Palace In Paraguay

12 May 2014

Architects say a termite infestation is threatening Paraguay’s presidential palace.

“They’re damaging the wood structure, the floors and the wooden covers, which support some parts of the palace,” architect Gustavo Glavinich said.

He said much of the iconic building’s west wing had been damaged.

Mr Glavinich also warned that other parts of the 19th-century building had not only been invaded by termites but also by bats.

“In 2012, we invested $5m (£3m) to save those parts of the palace which house the presidential office, the military cabinet, and the ceremonial room,” Mr Glavinich of the Public Works Ministry said.

But he warned that a lack of follow-up investment meant that other parts of the Palacio de Lopez been left to deteriorate.

The architect suggested taking immediate measure to tackle the termite infestation and to temporarily move the offices from the west wing to an annex.

The palace in the capital, Asuncion, is the seat of the Paraguayan government and home to the office of President Horacio Cartes.

Building work began in the 1850s under the direction of English architect Alonso Taylor, but the palace was not finished until 1892.

If the termites will manage to oust Horacio Cartes from the presidential palace, it would be the world’s first coup d’état by insects.

Horacio Cartes himself is in that palace due to a coup d’état by (oligarchic Right wing) humans. Elected President Lugo, accused of being too much on the side of poor people, was driven out by a coup d’etat, sharply condemned by elected governments in Latin America. Horacio Cartes is a member of the Colorado party, which used to be the party of infamous dictator Stroessner. Horacio Cartes has been accused of crimes several times, and spent time in jail.

Researchers have shown that the bacterial communities in termite guts came about through both inheritance and transfer between colonies: here.

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20 thoughts on “Paraguayan termites’ coup d’etat against coup d’etat president

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  7. Monday 3rd March 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Raids turn deadly following demonstrations over presidential term limits

    PARAGUAY’S interior minister and head of police have been fired after cops raided an opposition office and shot dead a young activist.

    Police had raided the headquarters of the centrist Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) in the early hours of Saturday morning after it had staged protests against the lifting of strict term limits, which it condemned as a coup.

    Paraguay’s senators had voted on Friday night to allow presidents to be re-elected. Currently under the constitution only a single five-year term is allowed.

    Both the content of the change and the manner in which it was passed by the senate — unusually rapidly and without all senators present — sparked condemnation in the country which was ruled for 35 years from 1954 by military dictator Alfredo Stroessner.

    Some of the biggest protests took place at the PLRA HQ, though the most eye-catching riots broke out at the congress building.

    Protesters broke through a police cordon and occupied the first floor of the congress building, some starting fires. Police fired baton rounds and water cannon at demonstrators and firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze.

    Later in the evening, officers armed with military rifles and kitted out in helmets stormed the PLRA headquarters.

    Security camera footage shows people fleeing down a corridor to escape, and 25-year-old Rodrigo Quintana is seen falling to the ground, shot in the back. Seconds later a police officer stands on Mr Quintana, who is lying face down.

    The term limits change would allow both sitting President Horacio Cartes of the right-wing Colorado Party and deposed leftwinger Fernando Lugo to contest the 2018 election.

    Mr Lugo, now a senator, was impeached in a “congressional coup” in 2012 in a manner similar to the ousting of Honduras’s Manuel Zelaya in 2008 and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff last year.

    For that reason his Great Front alliance has supported the change — Mr Lugo could well win in 2018.

    But the party condemned the “dreadful murder” of Mr Quintana and demanded that individuals and the government be held accountable for extensive police violence.

    The Communist Party slammed the “political terrorist circus that has been developing in our country for some time,” especially since the 2012 coup.

    It said that the weekend’s events were a symbol of the capture of the state by “narcopolitics” and transnational capital — a situation propped up by both the Colorado and PLRA parties.


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