World Pangolin Day, today

This video says about itself:

With its giant digging claws, the pangolin is nature’s backhoe. And a long, sticky tongue — capable of slurping up thousands of ants or termites every day — makes it the scourge of the bug world.

From Project Pangolin:

World Pangolin Day

The third annual World Pangolin Day will be celebrated on 15 February 2014!

World Pangolin Day is an opportunity for pangolin enthusiasts to join together in raising awareness about these unique mammals — and their plight. Pangolin numbers are rapidly declining, particularly in Asia. Pangolin trafficking is now recognized as a serious problem in Africa.

In 2013, an estimated 8,125 of these shy creatures confiscated in 49 instances of illegal trade across 13 countries. Because seizures represent just 10 to 20 percent of the actual illegal trade volume, this strongly suggests that approximately 40,625 to 81,250 pangolins were killed in just one year

The demand for pangolins comes mostly from China, where pangolin scales are unfortunately believed to be a cure-all of sorts and pangolin flesh is considered a delicacy. In Vietnam, pangolins are frequently offered at restaurants catering to wealthy patrons who want to eat rare and endangered wildlife. There is no evidence to support claims regarding medicinal properties of pangolin scales or any other part of the pangolin.

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World Pangolin Day

This video from Africa says about itself:

Orphaned Cape Pangolin baby pulling a tongue.

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