German government arrests their Turkish NATO allies’ spies

This video says about itself:

Kerry and Clinton’s phone calls listened in on by German spies – report

16 August 2014

There is a new twist in the spy row between Washington and Berlin. It is being claimed that the current US Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton were eavesdropped on by the German foreign intelligence agency BND.

Reportedly the BND “accidently” listened in on a couple of their phone calls as they were actually targeting the Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan.

The revelation that the Germans spied on Turkey – a NATO ally – came in the magazine Der Spiegel

If you believe the propaganda, then NATO is an alliance of freedom- and human rights-loving governments. They love peace so much that they promote it by waging wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. All those governments stand together, deeply in love with one another.

Now, from propaganda to reality. Big NATO countries Germany and France pressure small NATO country Greece to buy more and more French and German weapons, ruining the Greek economy and causing abject poverty for the Greek people. Why does the Greek government need all those weapons? Against their Turkish NATO allies, people say.

Turkey has other NATO allies as well. Like Germany. Recently, it turned out that the German government spied on its Turkish allies. They were not Turkey’s only NATO ally to do so. The biggest brother in the NATO brotherhood, the United States ‘intelligence’ bureaucracy, did so as well.

The United States ‘intelligence’ bureaucracy, of course, did and does not spy just on Turkey, but on other NATO allies as well. Including on Germany. In July 2014, the German government expelled the CIA boss in Germany because of that. They expelled him. They did not arrest him. Because of diplomatic immunity, as the CIA boss may have done his spying under the pretext of some ‘diplomatic’ job which he did not really do? Or because the CIA is the biggest brother in the brotherly NATO alliance and they did not dare to arrest the spook because of that?

The Turkish ‘intelligence’ bureaucracy, though also NATO brothers of their German colleagues, are apparently not such big brothers as the CIA to their German brothers.

From The Local in Germany:

Turkish ‘spies’ arrested at Frankfurt airport

Published: 19 Dec 2014 09:22 GMT+01:00

Three men suspected of being Turkish agents have been arrested by police, federal prosecutors said on Thursday.

The men, two aged 58 and one aged 33, stand under “strong suspicion of working as agents for an intelligence agency”, the Karlsruhe prosecutors said in a statement.

One of the 58-year-olds, Muhammed Taha G., is believed to have been the leader of the group.

Two of the men were arrested on arrival at Frankfurt airport by detectives from Rhineland-Palatinate, while the third was found at his home in North Rhine-Westphalia.

German BND spies spied on Germans living abroad: here.

Germany to drop probe into US spying on Merkel: here.

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