Another Rupert Murdoch underling convicted for phone-hacking

This video says about itself:

The Murdoch empire: Phone hacking exposed

20 sep. 2014

An interview with Nick Davies, the reporter who exposed the British phone hacking scandal. He exposed one of the biggest scandals in recent British political history. Nick Davies, the journalist who laid bare a political controversy that reached into multiple British institutions and painted a picture of a news organisation so powerful that those institutions, including parliament, police and the rest of the British media, dared not take it on. Richard Gizbert sat down with Nick Davies to discuss the story, the power of fear and the future of the Murdoch media empire, which lies disgraced, but by no means defeated.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

News of the World features editor admits role in phone-hacking

Saturday 13th December 2014

Former News Of The World (NotW) features editor Jules Stenson became the latest journalist yesterday to be convicted of plotting to hack phones at the former Sunday tabloid.

At a hearing at the Old Bailey Mr Stenson admitted conspiring to intercept voicemail messages between January 1 2003 and January 26 2007.

The plot targeted a range of high-profile figures including politicians, footballers, celebrities and royalty.

It also involved editor Andy Coulson, Greg Miskiw, James Weatherup, Neville Thurlbeck, Dan Evans, Ian Edmondson and private detective Glenn Mulcaire.

Stenson was the boss of NotW journalist Evans who admitted phone-hacking and was the star witness in the hacking trial at the Old Bailey earlier this year.

The 48-year-old, from Wandsworth, south London, will be sentenced on a date to be fixed next year.

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