World’s oldest, banded wild bird back on Midway

This February 2016 video is called Amazing Bird: Age 65, May Have Had 40 Chicks, Traveled Three Million Miles | National Geographic.

Another video from Hawaii wehich used to be on the Internet used to say about itself:

26 April 2011

In this video Laysan albatross Wisdom is feeding her chick. Sixty-year-old-plus Wisdom (Red Band #Z333), the oldest documented banded bird in North America returned to Midway Atoll in the remote Northwest Hawaiian Islands to raise a chick during the 2010/2011 breeding season.

Midway Atoll suffered much loss of wildlife when it was hit by the tsunami generated by the massive Japan earthquake in March 2011. Fortunately Wisdom, her mate and their chick all survived the raging waters that impacted Midway Atoll late at night on March 10.

Wisdom and her mate’s nest site is marked by an orange stake planted very close to the nest cup. The whistles, clacks and other vocalizations heard during the video clips were made by Laysan albatrosses near Wisdom’s nest.

From the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region:

27 November 2014

Something to be thankful for…Wisdom, the world’s oldest, banded wild bird has returned to Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge! The Refuge is home to the world’s largest albatross colony. Learn more about Wisdom here.

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Wisdom Lives On!! Wisdom … was sighted preening her mate on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge on November 22. Her band number Z333 was viewed by Deputy Refuge Manager Bret Wolfe. Bret is using a telephoto lens from about 30 feet away to avoid disturbing the pair. Wisdom’s mate has been waiting within a few feet of the pair’s former nest site since Wednesday, November 19. Although Wisdom has not been seen since last Sunday (which isn’t an unusual Laysan albatross nesting behavior); we can celebrate by knowing she survived another year at sea and maybe returning very soon.

For more information on this amazing long-lived matriarch of the seabird world go here.


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