Young Laysan albatross practice courtship

This video from Kauai island in Hawaii says about itself:

28 Feb 2014

The afternoon for our Laysan albatross nestling started with a quick feed from the male parent Kaluakane. What happened afterwards was a surprise; two banded non-breeding albatross (K405 and K256) were caught on the cam practicing courtship in front of our nestling. An un-banded non-breeder also joins in the dance. This clip shows highlights from the courtship, the entire event continued for almost 30 minutes.

To watch the Laysan Albatross cam live visit here.

For regular updates see our Twitter feed.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA writes about this video:

The young birds are between about 3 and 7 years old. They have no nests of their own and are just starting to learn their elaborate courtship dance—and this afternoon they decided to practice on camera. It’s a bewildering, sometimes ear-splitting set of head-bobbing, bill-clacking, whinnying, moaning, preening, and nuzzling.

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19 thoughts on “Young Laysan albatross practice courtship

  1. Great video, thanks for linking! I’m unfamiliar with the species, but I take it this pair doesn’t pose a threat to the chick, at least not as long as they’re not breeding yet? The parent seemed to be fairly comfortable with the two of them being so close to the nest.


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  3. Kaloakulua is a Female

    Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and scientists, we now know that our Laysan Albatross chick is a female! Scientists visited the nest in mid-March to examine the chick and take a small blood sample for DNA testing. Thanks to the Kauai Albatross Network, the Hawaii Department of Forestry and Wildlife, and Pacific Rim Conservation for making this research possible.

    The last few weeks have also seen the young albatross beginning to get more adventurous: meeting nonbreeding adult albatrosses, exploring the side yard, and creating her own nests out of mowed grass. Her gray downy tangles are beginning to show signs of her first white adult feathers, and soon we expect to see the young nestling take her first true steps instead of shuffling on her “ankles.” Assuming all goes as planned, we can look forward to her fledging sometime in late June or July.


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