Young Laysan albatross webcam update

This video from Hawaii is called Laysan Albatross, Eye Of An Albatross & Kaloakulua Struts Her Stuff, 5/5/14.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA, about Kauai island in Hawaii:

The young Laysan Albatross Kaloakulua has now entered a transitional stage where much of her down has been replaced by shiny new adult feathers. Her remaining downy fluff will disappear over the coming weeks as she nears her first flight. During her daily explorations she has discovered the other albatross chick in the yard and has even begun running and flapping her wings! Tune in and enjoy the world through albatross eyes. Watch the webcam here.

They survived tremendous losses from feather hunting in the 1910s. Despite dangers from industrial fishing and plastic pollution, Laysan Albatrosses are today the second most abundant albatross in the world. But virtually all of them nest on tiny, flat coral atolls, where rising sea levels caused by climate change pose a real danger. The main Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Oahu may represent the brightest hope for the species—but only if they can survive alongside humans. Read the article and find out what you can do to help.

Watch an Albatross Grow Up in this highlight video of Kaloakulua, the chick from our 2014 Laysan Albatross camera. Browse the full timeline here.

11 thoughts on “Young Laysan albatross webcam update

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