Midway: Laysan albatross and marine pollution

This video is called Laysan Albatross Mating Dance.

This video is on the Laysan albatross of the Midway islands in the Pacific ocean, suffering from pollution.

Laysan albatross chicks living on one of the world’s most remote islands, Kure Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, ingest 10 times more plastic than chicks living on Oahu, according to a new study published in the journal PLoS One: here.

February 2013. A Laysan albatross known as “Wisdom” – believed to be at least 62 years old – has hatched a chick on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge for the sixth consecutive year, and is claimed, by the US at least, to be the world’s oldest known wild bird (we wonder if there is an element of ‘Wold Series’ about this, only open to US entrants?): here.

Waved albatross: here.

Laysan ducks: here.

Seals and pollution of Dutch Wadden Sea: here.

6 thoughts on “Midway: Laysan albatross and marine pollution

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