United States art for birds

This video from the USA says about itself:

Carving Memories of Ezra, the Red-tailed Hawk

29 September 2017

Sculptor David Cohen created a beautiful carving of Ezra the Red-tailed Hawk of Cornell Lab Bird Cams fame. When Ezra died in early 2017, Cohen’s work became a tribute not only to the hawk but to the Bird Cams community who had learned and shared so much while watching. “For-Ever Ezra,” the carving featured in this video, is available for sale until October 31, 2017. The artist will donate the proceeds to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. To make an offer, visit here.

A Perfect Day for an Albatross

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

A Perfect Day for an Albatross

Author & Illustrator: Caren Loebel-Fried
Target: 6-13 years
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 9″ x 11″

First in a new Cornell Lab Publishing Group children’s series that focuses on a fascinating bird species, this story uses native folk art and authentic style, evoking the culture and habitats where the bird lives.

A Perfect Day for an Albatross, by Caren Loebel-Fried, an award-winning author and artist from Hawai’i, sweeps you into an albatross’s world of wind, rolling seas, boisterous dancing, and their intense commitment to one another and their nestlings.


Set on Midway Atoll, where 72 percent of the world’s Laysan Albatrosses make their nests, Mālie, an albatross, must protect her egg until her mate returns. Join Mālie as she dances, hunts, and soars over the ocean swells. Block print art with flowing watercolors makes this title a glorious treat for the eyes, as well as the heart.

A Perfect Day for an Albatross is compatible with Bird QR for streaming sounds, video, and other content. Back matter includes a Bird QR link to watch live albatrosses on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology HD cam in Hawai’i.


A Perfect Day for an Albatross is a perfect book for any child you love, a book of generous, inspired vision. It’s a beautiful story about these legendary birds in their ocean paradise.”

Carl Safina, author of Eye of the Albatross, and Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel.

“A wonderful introduction to a magnificent sea bird, this vibrantly illustrated story belongs on every shelf.”


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