British Establishment sexual abuse update


From daily The Independent in Britain:

Westminster sex abuse scandal: Ex-Cabinet minister ‘was photographed in the sauna with a naked boy at Elm Guest House’

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith said photos of establishment figures and evidence of abuse ‘evaporated’ after police raid

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

Friday 28 November 2014

A former cabinet minster was photographed with a naked boy in the sauna of notorious guest house at the centre of the historic Westminster child abuse allegations, it has been claimed.

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has alleged that a series of photographs of “establishment figures” that had visited the guest house, along with logbooks, names, times and dates detailing their attendance, had been kept by one of the Elm Guest House owners.

Carol Kasir, one of the owners of the guest house, had told a child protection campaigner that she had owned photographs of the guest house’s visitors, where boys in care had been “brought in for sex”, Mr Goldsmith claimed in Parliament on Thursday.

But the evidence, including information from 12 boys alleging abuse, “evaporated” after a 1982 police raid on the guest house, after which Ms Kasir and her husband Haroon were given suspended sentences for “running a disorderly house” Mr Goldsmith told the House.

Mr Goldsmith claimed that Ms Kasir died a few years later in “very odd circumstances”.

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‘Kidnapped boy may have been abused and murdered’ say police

Alleged murder could have been ‘covered up’ says top detective

In a backbench debate into the progress of the Government’s inquiry into historic sex abuse, Mr Goldsmith told the Commons: “When Ms Kasir died a few years after the house was raided in very odd circumstances, a child protection campaigner from the National Association of Young People in Care called for a criminal investigation into events at Elm Guest House.

“He said that he’d been told by Ms Kasir that boys had been brought in from the local children’s home, in Richmond also, Grafton Place, had been brought in for sex.

“And that she had all kinds of photographs of establishment figures at her hotel,” he said.

“One of them allegedly showed a former cabinet minister in the sauna with a naked boy.

“She had logbooks, names, times, dates, pictures of her customers and so on.

“All that evidence simply disappeared after the raid. It no longer exists.

“That surely is astonishing,” he said.

Scotland Yard is already facing allegations of a “cover up” over the disappearance of an eight-year-old boy in the 1980s, whose father believes may have died at the hands of the Westminster paedophile ring.

Police are currently conducting an investigation into a “possible homicide” in connection with its inquiry into a paedophile ring with links to Parliament.

Last week a senior detective who worked had worked on an unsolved case of child murder in the 1980s said she feared there could have been a “cover up,” and that she sometimes felt there had been “a feeling of misuse of power” surrounding allegations of the Westminster paedophile ring.

As the former head of a children’s home at the centre of the MPs’ child abuse scandal is jailed, evidence emerges that children may have been murdered by paedophile politicians. Steven Walker reports: here.

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