Ferguson, Missouri people interviewed

This video from the USA is called Moving: Ferguson Protesters Interrupt St. Louis Symphony With Michael Brown Requiem.

From Businessweek in the USA:

Four Voices from Ferguson, Mo., Where the Stress Is Unbearable

By Peter Coy November 21, 2014

The people of Ferguson, Mo., are under stress as they wait for a grand jury to announce whether it’s indicting the white police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in August

The passage of time hasn’t eased the tension. If anything, it has given people more time to build anger and frustration. I spoke this week with four people—three black, one white—who have been watching the case closely. Here’s what they had to say.

Patricia Bynes, Democratic committeewoman of Ferguson Township

“Just knowing that a decision on the indictment is coming: Mike Brown’s body laid out for 4 1/2 hours. This feels like this is the 4 1/2 hours for the rest of us, the time period for the indictment [decision],” Bynes says. …

Michael McMillan, president and chief executive officer of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

McMillan specifies four steps involving police officers that would ease racial tension. First, he says, police “need to cease” racial profiling, both in traffic stops and stop-and-frisk operations. Second, majority-white police departments in majority-black towns should add black officers. Third, all officers should be equipped with cameras that record interactions with the public, and the images should be stored by a company or organization not connected with the police department. Fourth, Missouri should have a law requiring the appointment of an independent prosecutor in every shooting by a police officer. …

Jeffrey Smith, assistant professor of politics and advocacy at New School University’s Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Studies

Smith, who is white, served in the Missouri Senate from 2006 to 2009, representing inner-city St. Louis. …

“It’s incredibly tense, and the governor didn’t do anything to ease it over the past week [by declaring a state of emergency]. There’s just a complete dearth of empathy for the people and what they’re going through,” he says. Smith notes that the nearby city of St. Louis eased tensions by eliminating 220,000 warrants for non-violent municipal offenses, but says Ferguson has done little, aside from “some minor changes to its traffic court.” He says there have been stepped-up efforts to recruit black officers in various towns in northern St. Louis County, along with philanthropic efforts to ease tensions. But those things take time. “People on the ground haven’t seen any difference.”

John Gaskin III, community activist. Gaskin is a spokesman for the St. Louis County NAACP, but is speaking only for himself on Ferguson issues …

As for an indictment, Gaskin says, “there is enough evidence right now on the table to indict Darren Wilson and arrest him.” The grand jury’s job is to determine if there’s enough evidence to warrant a trial, not to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but the grand jury process “has turned into a criminal trial,” Gaskin says. “The governor should have appointed a special prosecutor from the start,” he says, adding that the legal process has “allowed everyone in leadership to look ludicrous on a national stage.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has dispatched 100 agents to the St. Louis, Missouri area ahead of an expected grand jury decision over whether to bring charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August: here.

New York City police shot and killed an unarmed 28-year-old black man Thursday night in a Brooklyn housing project, in what the city’s political establishment is referring to as an “unfortunate accident.” The news of this latest murder by the New York Police Department (NYPD) comes as the ruling elite prepares a crackdown in advance of a grand jury decision on whether to bring charges against the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who killed Michael Brown in August: here.

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