Ferguson police shoots out pregnant women’s eye

Dornella Conner says she was at a gas station in the St Louis suburb in a car being driven by her boyfriend when an officer fired a non-lethal ‘bean bag’ round at them as they tried to drive away, showering her with glass

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in Britain:

Pregnant Ferguson woman loses her EYE after police shoot her car with bean bag during violent protests

Dornella Conner left blind after police shattered the window of her car
Officer fired ‘bean bag’ round at the vehicle, showering her with glass
Incident happened on Tuesday at a gas station on the edge of Ferguson

By Ted Thornhill

12:53 GMT, 28 November 2014

A pregnant woman is now blind in her left eye after being hit by glass that shattered when police in Ferguson, Missouri, tackling Michael Brown protesters, shot at the window of the car she was in.

Dornella Conner says she was at a gas station in the St Louis suburb in a car being driven by her boyfriend when an officer fired a non-lethal ‘bean bag’ round at them as they tried to drive away, showering her with glass.

Conner has lost sight in her left eye and has blurry vision in the other following the incident on Tuesday at New Halls Ferry Road. …

She told Kmov.com: ‘I didn’t have any weapons, I wasn’t looting or anything. I was just out with my boyfriend. We was just riding around respecting Mike Brown.’

Conner told the news channel that several police vehicles had blocked their exit from the gas station ‘from the side and the back’. …

Conner’s father, Donnell, said he was ‘very disappointed at police tactics’. He added: ‘There was no reason to fire upon an innocent person who was sitting in a vehicle.’

Her sister, who goes by the name Tikal Goldie, said: ‘I really just want to have closure and justice for my sister.’

A pregnant St. Louis woman is now blind in one eye after St. Louis County Police shot a bean-bag round at a vehicle she was riding in as the car drove away from a gas station near Ferguson, Missouri early Tuesday: here.

Darren Wilson, the white police officer whose shooting of an unarmed black teenager ignited national protests, has no intention of apologizing to the dead man’s family, his lawyers have said. The parents of Michael Brown expressed their anger after Mr. Wilson said he had a “clean conscience” and would change nothing about his actions on the day he killed their son in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson. “He’s a murderer,” responded the 18-year-old’s father, Michael Sr: here.

Ferguson demonstrators march in Seattle: here.

Death of Michael Brown: Prosecutor Manipulates Grand Jury Process to Shield Officer: here.

The Ku Klux Klan and Ferguson: here.

The United Nations Committee against Torture detailed its concerns over systematic violence against black communities and prisoners in the USA: here.

Missouri protesters shut down shopping mall near Ferguson. Groups continue to vent anger over decision not to indict police officer on Michael Brown shooting: here.

Ferguson protesters shut down malls across United States on Black Friday: here.

Ferguson Black Friday Protests In Photos: St. Louis Shopping Malls Close Down, Unrest In San Francisco, Seattle: here.

25 thoughts on “Ferguson police shoots out pregnant women’s eye

    • I found this news item originally there. I decided to quote the Daily Mail in this case, because here, even a Right wing paper had to acknowledge there was police violence against innocent people. A counterweight to the ‘law and order’ coverage about Ferguson, including smearing Michael Brown etc. in most corporate media in the USA, including not just Rupert Murdoch’s media etc, but also supposedly ‘liberal’ ones.

      George Stephanopoulos, who asked the softball questions in the disgrafecul whitewash interview with killer Darren Wilson, is supposedly ‘liberal’ (ex-Clinton administration).


        • Yes, see on this blog on the Daily Mail from the 1930s to Mandela hypocrisy:


          Why did I quote this relevant news item about this woman, in need of being publicized as widely as possible, from the Daily Mail rather than from the Morning Star?

          a) The Morning Star did not have news about this yet.

          b) Suppose someone doing a Google search on Ferguson landing on this item on my blog. That person may be mildly or not so mildly conservative. If that person sees the source is the Morning Star, then that person may say:’Oh, these lefties, it is probably lies’! However, if that person sees it is from a source of his/her own ideology ….

          Not just the Daily Mail, but about all corporate media are ‘unethical’. The New York Times supported George W Bush’s drive towards the Iraq war with lies. The Guardian fully supported Tony Blair’s 1999 Yugoslavia war, and sacked anti-war people then; and it still employs Blair apologists. Should I therefore never ever quote from the New York Times, or from The Guardian; if they happen to print something interesting (not necessarily: something correct; or something which I agree with)?


            • I have explained on this blog problems with the Guardian, the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph (the ‘Daily Torygraph’) etc. etc. Yet, on the other hand, I sometimes quote from these sources; without getting criticism for that from anyone. Is there any basic difference with this blog post?


              • The daily mail is slightly different to those aforementioned papers. Do some research by going on to mail online. There are suggestive pictures of teens, articles which equate to bullying and a general sense of bigotry.


                • Indeed, I mentioned these grave Daily Mail problems. You find them basically everywhere in media with profits maximisation as their aim. Maybe “slightly” different; but not “fundamentally”.


  1. The Crayfish, is not able to get the perspective of what Petre means, the corrupt always tangle the truth and lies to confound the less intelligent. The propaganda of the media, the so called free world, is only free in name only, you can scream as loud as you like in space but no one will hear you, the space we write in has little resonance with the general public.


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