Military units arrive in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This video says about itself:

National Guard arrives in St. Louis, Missouri

By Andre Damon and Eric London

19 November 2014

Members of the National Guard began to arrive in St. Louis, Missouri Tuesday, ahead of an expected grand jury decision on whether to bring charges against Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown in August.

Area residents told the World Socialist Web Site that Governor Jay Nixon’s proclamation of a “state of emergency” was an attempt to intimidate the population into accepting what is broadly expected to be a decision not to indict Wilson.

24 thoughts on “Military units arrive in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

        • It reminds me of an article in Life magazine in the USA in the 1960s. Many people demonstrated against the Vietnam war. Police then arrested a street full of people, including the Life reporter and bystanders like a postman delivering mail. The arrested people were then tortured, and made to scream: ‘We love the blue meanies!’ When there were objections to this, the police commander said some of his men had been soldiers in Vietnam and ‘felt these people should be treated like Vietcong’. Another example of how the violence of a foreign war spills over to domestic situations.


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