Michael Brown funeral attendees interviewed

This video from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, says about itself:

Attendees at Michael Brown’s funeral denounce inequality, police repression

26 August 2014

In this on-the-spot report, workers attending the funeral for Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri on Monday speak out against the policies of police murder and harassment, the militarization of local police departments and the conditions of widespread unemployment and poverty.

New York transit workers discuss political lessons of Ferguson, Missouri: here.

German workers, youth speak on Ferguson: “This is not a democracy any more”: here.

Three more people in the US have died at the hands of the police over the past several days. The killings, coming in the wake of the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, underscore the pervasive character of police violence in the United States: here.

17 thoughts on “Michael Brown funeral attendees interviewed

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