5,000 birds’ eggs illegal collection discovery in England

This video from North America says about itself:

9 Days In the Nest – Baby Birds fom Egg to Fledgling; a Compilation

Finally compiled all my footage of the birds (Song Sparrows) I almost accidentally killed last spring. While trimming a bush, I narrowly missed the nest. The next night the birds hatched from the eggs. I placed a camera near the nest and recorded a lot of raw footage, which I have finally compiled into a more watchable version (I hope). … If I hadn’t watched them leave the nest, I would have thought a cat got them. 8 days after hatching they were gone!

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Royalty free music “Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049″ by Kevin MacLeod.

From Wildlife Extra:

Thousands of bird eggs found in Merseyside

Around 5,000 bird eggs have been voluntarily handed over to the NWCU and Police by a 44 year old from Merseyside.

When the call came in the officials were expecting to collect a few hundred birds’ eggs, but instead they found several huge specimen cabinets filled with 1000’s of eggs, including osprey, golden eagle and many foreign species. Officers were also provided with a large number of data cards, some of which date back around 100 years.

Egg collecting in the UK was an acceptable hobby in Victorian times and the early 1900’s. However, it became illegal to take birds’ eggs in 1954 and the law was further strengthened in 1981 when possession of wild birds’ eggs was made an offence.

Andy McWilliam from NWCU said, “This call was completely unexpected, but we are pleased that the eggs are now in the custody of the police.

“We are extremely grateful for the assistance this man has provided. Without his co-operation we would never have known about the collection’s existence.

“He realized the importance of handing them over and getting them out of circulation. Unfortunately there are modern day collectors who will try and disguise their collections as antique and mix recently taken eggs with old collections”.

Once the examination of the collection and the data is complete, it is hoped that that the collection will be suitable for scientific research by a museum.

Flight demands may have steered the evolution of bird egg shape. Elongated, asymmetrical forms are common among strongest fliers. By Laurel Hamers, 2:00pm, June 22, 2017: here.

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