Bird crime in Britain, new film

This video says about itself:

Poached – Official Film Trailer

27 August 2015

Poached reveals the underworld of illegal bird egg collecting by following convicted egg offenders as they evade an army of bird lovers and wildlife crime police while beginning to realize the destructiveness of their obsession. Sign up for updates at to find out when the film will be in your area.

Poached exposes an obsession that can wipe out species of birds: illegal egg collecting. Egg thieves rob the nests of rare birds while a United Kingdom national police initiative named “Operation Easter” tries to stop them. The thieves are motivated not by money but by desire for the beauty of the egg and the thrill of the chase. Thousands of eggs confiscated in police raids have been found strapped under beds, beneath floorboards, and in secret rooms. With unprecedented access to the most notorious and inconspicuous perpetrators, Poached delves into the psychology of the egg collectors as they confront their obsession.

This film is at the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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