19 thoughts on “I am Mike Brown; Ferguson, USA people demand justice

  1. Dear fellow progressive,

    Last month a group of my colleagues and I took the “Live the Wage” challenge, which required us to pay all our daily expenses – groceries, transportation, household goods – with just $77 a week. That’s the estimated amount the average worker living on minimum wage has left per week after paying their monthly rent.


    I’ll admit, it was very difficult. I was hungry some days and ended up eating less healthy processed foods because they were cheaper. And if I had an emergency I had only $5 left in my budget to cover it. Yet I only had to do this for a week. Millions of people see no end in sight.

    Can you #LiveTheWage? Sign up at http://www.livethewage.com and let me know how it goes by tweeting @BleeforCongress.

    An estimated 9 million Americans live on the minimum wage. We need to not only raise the minimum wage but start working to establish a real living wage for all Americans. If we take action, we can make it happen.

    Standing strong,

    Barbara Lee

    • Indeed! Shooting an unarmed teenager for walking on the street, violence against neighbourhood people indignant about that and violence against journalists, etc.

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