Detroit residents about water shutoffs, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Detroit residents speak out on water shutoffs

8 July 2014

The city of Detroit is aggressively implementing its plan to shut off residential water service at a rate of about 3,000 households per week, in coordination with the city’s bankruptcy. Up to 150,000 households may be affected. World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke to residents as they waited in line at water payment centers, trying to get running water to their homes turned back on.

Detroit water shutoffs hit families, ill and elderly residents: here.

A group of workers, retirees and students attended a meeting of the Detroit Workers Committee (DWC) Thursday at Wayne State University to organize a fight against the ongoing plans of the city to shut off water of up to 150,000 households: here.

Pregnancy related deaths in Detroit are three times higher the national average, according to recent data from the Department of Community Health (DCH). At least six Detroit mothers died on average per year from 2008-11, producing a death rate of 58.7 per 100,000, a figure that is higher than many developing countries, including Tunisia, Belize and Kazakhstan: here.

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