17 thoughts on “Detroiters defend Institute of Arts

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  3. Dear FirstName,

    Last Tuesday, the federal bankruptcy court ruled that Detroit was eligible for bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and that the pensions of municipal workers could be reduced — even though the average workers pension is only $19,000. If allowed to stand, this ruling will open the floodgates to harsh reductions in worker’s pension.

    Detroit is far from alone in facing serious fiscal challenges. Municipalities from Harrisburg, Pa., to Jefferson County, Ala., to Stockton, Ca. are also enduring tough times. I believe it is critical that we acknowledge that the problems the residents of these cities are facing are not of their own making. They deserve our help in much the same way we have aided those devastated by natural disaster. Rest assured, I have been following these matters very closely and plan to do everything in my power to both shine a light on the unfairness and stand up for workers rights.

    Detroit has been one of our nation’s major cities for generations and remains the heart of the automobile industry that is so vital to our economic health. We must work together to enable Detroit, and municipalities across the country, to regain their fiscal health, which ultimately benefits all Americans.

    Thanks for your continued support,

    John Conyers


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