Minke whale saved near Texel island

This video is about the minke whale near Texel today, before it was saved. Photos are here. And here.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Man rescues whale near Texel

Saturday Aug 2 2014, 16:22 (Update: 02-08-14, 19:23)

In the Marsdiep estuary near Texel today a nine meter long minke whale, trapped in a fishing net, was rescued. Nearby boats tried to help the animal, but as bad weather was expected, they decided to sail back.

Peter Gompelman, with his fast boat for trips in the Wadden Sea area, stayed behind and came floating, with the engine off, close to the whale. “I saw that fishnet so close and grabbed it to see what would happen,” says Gompelman.

“Strong jerk”

The animal resisted a little, but the boat owner continued to hold on to the net. After a strong jerk by the minke whale it was free. Then the whale swam away.

Gompelman says he was not afraid of the animal. He thinks that the whale wanted him to save it and therefore it came so close.

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