First grey seal pups of this autumn

This video from England is called Grey Seal Pup and Mum.

Translated from Ecomare Museum on Texel island in the Netherlands:

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

“BREAKING NEWS …. We have just seen our first seal pup of the year,” twitters skipper Andrew Douglas from the Farne Islands, on the northeast side of England. A few days earlier, the first pup on the Scottish Isle of May had been already discovered. This means that the birth season of gray seals in the North Sea has started. The gray seals along the Scottish and English coast always get pups earlier than the seals in the Wadden Sea. We have to wait. Here the most gray seal newborns are in early December.

Sooner or later

The first gray seals of the year were already born in late August, but that is in Ireland and in the west of Scotland, and not in the North Sea. Then follow northern colonies such as those in the Orkneys in the north of Scotland, the Farne Islands and finally the Dutch colonies. It is not known why the gray seals in different places get pups at different times.

Grey seal born on Vlieland: here. Update: here.

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