Belgian king allowed to kill protected rabbits

This video is called Wild Rabbit Mom Feeds 5 Baby Bunnies & Repairs Nest.

In Brussels, capital territory of Belgium, it is illegal to kill rabbits.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports that rabbits are said to have eaten flowers in the garden of Belvédère royal palace in Laken, a suburb of Brussels.

The inhabitant of that palace, Albert II, retired king of Belgium, does not like that. He now has managed to get a special permit from the government to kill at most fifty rabbits during the next six months.

The NOS report says (translated):

About how [King Albert II] is supposed to do that, nothing has been disclosed. It is unclear whether the animals will be shot, poisoned or lured into traps.

Unfit for a king? Retired Belgian royal [Albert II] struggling on $1.2 million: here.

9 thoughts on “Belgian king allowed to kill protected rabbits

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