Anti-recreational hunting petition, by 7-year-old

This video is called Wildlife of Europe.

Translated from the Dutch on the AVAAZ site:

European Union: Stop the hunt for fun

I’m Lindsay and I’m 7 years old and I am worried about the hunting of animals for fun. The last two winters I have experienced hunting in France, Spain and Portugal and before that of course in the Netherlands.

And I wonder: why does the hunter shoot both the fox and the rabbit dead? Let nature do its own work anyway!

Hunting for fun is mean!

It’s playing war for big men surrounding a piece of woodland with cars and dogs, they let the dogs chase all the wild animals chase and then shoot them all down. Whole forests are massacred …

Let it stop!

Let us stop this!

Sign and share this petition, thank you.

3 December, 2014

2 thoughts on “Anti-recreational hunting petition, by 7-year-old

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