Military fur costs British taxpayers much

This 2014 video from the USA is about North American black bears.

This video is about wild rabbit behaviour.

This video is about red foxes.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

£880,000 in 7 years spent on bearskin hats

Thursday 14th November 2016

BEAR, rabbit and fox fur hats made for the military have cost the British taxpayer more than £910,000 since 2005, official figures showed yesterday.

According to the Ministry of Defence, 925 bearskin ceremonial caps, as made famous by the Royal Guard, have been bought since 2008.

Spending on the hats from Canada was £149,379 in 2015 alone, with the total spend since 2008 hitting £880,163.

A further 55 rabbit and seven fox fur hats had been ordered since 2005 at a cost of more than £300,000.

Defence minister Philip Dunn said in Parliament the pelts came from culling programmes licensed by the Canadian government.

Animal welfare standards relating to the bear cull are a matter for the Canadian government,” he added.

Despite promises made to animal rights activists, the MoD reportedly has not carried any trials on finding synthetic alternatives for the hats since 2007.

BRITAIN’S senior copper has defended buying a £65,000 Range Rover with a £1,000 back-seat entertainment system within days of £1 billion police cuts being announced. Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe insisted yesterday he needed the TVs so he could watch the news: here.

3 thoughts on “Military fur costs British taxpayers much

  1. The Royal Guard is a archaic and displays excesses that is expensive for the taxpayer and a cruel industry, the Queen most likely cannot end these excesses regardless requires investigating and ending these pompous exercises.


  2. Absurd that we are still using animals for their fur!!! We are no longer cavemen last I checked & there are plenty synthetic materials available that are just as good! What will it take for us to evolve and make kinder choices with some compassion for the animals we share this world with instead of always resorting to violence?!?!


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