16 thoughts on “African American singer Paul Robeson and Wales

  1. Thank u 4 thiz article 4 Komrade paul iz 1 my many lifelong hero’z and love to read anything and everything that iz written about him. Panther Love

  2. Paul Robeson went to the same college as my daughter, except now it’s Rutgers University. We have visited and photographed his parents’ graves in Princeton. He has the richest, deepest voice I think I ever heard.

  3. The U.S. Embassy’s Information Resource Center (the library) in Kingston, Jamaica, is named after Paul Robeson. This was after a high school essay competition to decide on which African American it should be named after. There is a plaque on the wall and his grand daughter visited. 🙂

    • Great, this United States governmental recognition of Robinson, respecting the high school students’ choice. If only Robinson would have been treated like that by the government while alive, and not persecuted, as happened …

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