Paul Robeson sings Joe Hill

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Tony Benn, President of Stop the War Coalition: “There are many songs I would like to choose but Joe Hill sung by Paul Robeson would be among the top two. It says it all.”

Lyrics are here.

About Joe Hill: here.

Remembering Paul Robeson 60 Years after the Peekskill Riots: here.

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26 thoughts on “Paul Robeson sings Joe Hill

  1. Paul Robeson: `The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery

    By Harry Targ
    On September 4, 1949, an angry crowd surrounded the 20,000 friends of
    Paul Robeson who had come to hear him in an open-air concert at
    Peekskill, New York. After the event right-wing, anti-communist inspired
    mobs attacked supporters who were leaving the event. These attacks
    included smashing the windows of Pete Seeger’s automobile with several
    family members inside. Sixty years later we remember the great
    progressive Paul Robeson, his struggles for justice, and his refusal to
    bow to the politics of reaction.

    * Read more


  2. Paul Robeson Sings in Middlesbrough Town Hall

    Wednesday 30 December 2009

    edited by John Rety

    by Andy Croft

    And when at last they gave his passport back
    He made a tour of Northern small town halls,
    Still handsome, clever, radical and black,
    His voice still strong enough to shake the walls.
    But though the place was packed, the three front-rows
    (Reserved for all the local great and good)
    Were pointedly unoccupied by those
    Apparently afraid of brotherhood.
    Though no-one who was anyone was there,
    The no-ones who are everybody came –
    The nobodies who know that everywhere
    There’s somebody who thinks they’re not the same,
    As if there’s anyone who could delay
    The walls of privilege tumbling down one day.

    This is a new sonnet by Andy Croft. The poem resonates with Robeson’s deeply confident voice still ringing in our ears. Andy Croft’s most recent books are Sticky (Flambard Press) and, with WN Herbert and Paul Summers, Three Men On The Metro (Five Leaves). He runs Smokestack Books.


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