16 thoughts on “British government censored petitions against Maria Miller expenses scandal, just before her resignation

  1. FIDDLING: Tory peer Lord Hanningfield was suspended from the House of Lords yesterday for the rest of the current Parliament over his claims for allowances.
    He was handed the maximum sanction after being found to have claimed a £300 allowance for 11 days on which he did no Parliamentary work.
    Hanningfield, jailed in 2011 for a separate abuse of his expenses, has also been ordered to repay the £3,300 he wrongly claimed.



  2. PARLIAMENT: The Commons spent more than £1.4 million on alcohol in 2012 and 2013 to sell in Palace of Westminster bars, restaurants and shops, official figures showed yesterday.

    A freedom of information request response published by parliamentary authorities showed they bought nearly 50,000 bottles of House of Commons sauvignon, more than 26,000 of House merlot and more than 33,000 pints of guest ale over a two-year period.



    • The alcohol and food consumption shows the Parliament not only are half sozzled and gluttons, they have lost their way and their hedonistic character will effect their ability on discernment.


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  4. Straw: Maria Miller ‘unlucky’

    Parliament: Labour MP Jack Straw claimed yesterday that Maria Miller was “unlucky” to be sacked as culture secretary after being caught over-claiming mortgage expenses.

    Ms Miller was fired in April after offering a pitiful apology for wrongly claiming £45,000 in taxpayer’s cash.

    But former Blairite minister Mr Straw said she was chased out of her job by an “extremely neurotic” press that has become “anti-politician.”



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  6. Police probe Tory lord’s expenses

    Expenses scandal: Police launched an inquiry into the House of Lords yesterday after Conservative Lord Hanningfield was found to have claimed a £300 allowance for days on which he did no parliamentary work.

    The former council leader was suspended for the rest of the current Parliament in May by the Lords privileges and conduct committee.

    He was also ordered to repay £3,300 which he had wrongly claimed.



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