10 thoughts on “British Conservative Party expenses scandal deepens

  1. David Cameron’s attitude over this matter and his seemingly growing contempt for the voter is th biggest favour the UKIP party has had so far. Labour are a party happy to bankrupt the Nation and cripple us with debt, They’re led by a waverer who is viewed as weak. The once viable third party, The Liberals has lost it’s place since joining the coalition with the Tories and proving to be blackmailers forcing the Tories to renege on promises made. Their leader the erstwhile Deputy PM is viewed by the nation as Brutus and will never be trusted in power.
    The Tories are proving to be morally bankrupt under Cameron who was viewed as the Great White Hope when brought to power after promising a referendum on getting out of Europe. Now we have another expenses scandal where Cameron backs a Minister in the wrong. He’s already led his party in attacks on the vulnerable.on benefits rather than attack the corporations who pay no tax in the UK despite making money here. Tax which would be more than enough to cover the money he’s regaining through benefits reform.
    Now he helps the UKIP to prominence. A party which appears to have a lot of Neo-Nazis and EDP members. By the time the next elections come round we could be governed by a group of racially prejudiced MP’s prepared to condone attacks on Muslims, Jews and genuine immigrants to the UK instead of just acting to remove illegal immigrants.
    We could end up as a far-right Country ruled by Nazis if we’re not careful.
    I’m an ex Tory who leaned towards UKIP until I saw their support base were supposedly ex EDP members with far-right views.But we can’t continue with a morally bankrupt group in power.


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