25 thoughts on “British taxpayer-funded grouse shooting causes flooding

  1. Not so sure I agree with these article but each to their own, I guess. My comment on the attached video might trigger the conservation minded folk to rethink things too.


      • I assume you mean my view, well I’d just state as in so many other cases of natural disaster or whatever happens to be a talking point, somebody always has to point the finger of blame at someone. In the UK, we call it “blame culture” and we are quite well known for it. Conservation is often very complex and without the burning of grouse moors, you would have a much poorer habitat which would not be able to hold the diversity of species it currently holds. Some form of management has to take place across all our lands and without these actions, the biodiversity of such places would ultimately decline. We do need to reforest our uplands as well, so there clearly is a requirement for more diverse landscapes over here in the UK and most probably across the world. In my view, Climate Change is here to stay.


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