5 thoughts on “British government hates wildflowers

  1. Thanks to you and people like you who report this misuse of subsidies and other things, this Government is likely to get a massive shock at the polls next year. I was all for a Tory Government after the Labour party left the Country is such debt but after seeing what they do to my Country I doubt they’ll get my vote again.
    Thank you for your work.


  2. The beauty and the soul for filling of the soul that once poets and artists who adored such beauty of the past is no longer, the materialistic use of meadows and the like is what this government over time desires to eradicate any inherent race memory of this culture and fill the minds of the British public with the economic cost of living and if the call for the general public can tighten their belts to increase and fill the coffers of the rich and settle down to the police state and consume not only food that is poor quality and if you have any money over after paying for essentials to buy a cheap consumables to fill the void within.


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