British bumblebees, young people asked to help

This 2016 video says about itself:

Take a peak inside my homemade bumblebee nest box, where I have a colony of buff-tailed bumblebees buzzing about.

From The Pod in Britain:

The Big Bumblebee Discovery

Calling all young citizen scientists!

We’re running the Big Bumblebee Discovery throughout the summer to observe the diversity of bumblebees in the UK.

The bumblebee is a prolific pollinator of crops, but it’s believed that environmental changes are reducing the bumblebee population – as well as their effectiveness to pollinate. In conjunction with the British Science Association, we want to test the hypothesis that the greater the diversity of bumblebees in a particular area, the higher the level of pollination.

We need young people to get involved as citizen scientists and tell us what they see!

As well as games, podcasts and an engaging on-line data collection tool, we’ll be adding a whole host of curriculum-linked teaching resources to the Pod over the next couple of months.

The first podcast and a bumblebee factsheet are already available in the Experiment Resources below.

Coming soon – a lavender plant and engagement pack for the first 3,000 schools who sign up to take part, plus competitions, lots more teaching resources and a guide to taking part in the Big Bumblebee Discovery.

View experiment resources here.

Take part here.

April 2014: Twenty four percent of European bumblebee species are threatened with extinction scientists have found: here.

April 2014: Up to three quarters of our most threatened bee species have been lost in the South West of England says nature conservation charity Buglife: here.

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6 thoughts on “British bumblebees, young people asked to help

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  2. I have a bee colony, in a hollow of a sculpture, in my garden, on hot days here in Australia, more than 40 degrees centigrade, I fine spray them with water from the hose, they like this cooling intervention, someone said to me, do they get angry? they have never attacked me for spraying or being here, in 17 years of their tenancy.
    The honey within the sculpture has never been taken, as this is a problem to dismantle the sculpture, and besides.


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