Texel island insects research

This video is called Green Tiger Beetle.

Entomologists report from Texel island in the Netherlands.

They have investigated beetles in the ‘t Grietje area near De Koog village.

They saw over 100 green tiger beetles. This species had been absent from the island for decades; and is present again since 2004.

The entomologists saw three Platyderus depressus beetles in ‘t Grietje. This species lives only on Texel, not anywhere else in the Netherlands.

Also found: five other beetle species, including Stomis pumicatis.

There were five bee species: honeybee; Andrena argentata; Colletes succinctus; large earth bumblebee; and white-tailed bumblebee.

Texel dead wood wildlife: here.

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16 thoughts on “Texel island insects research

  1. The green colouring on this beetle is stunning! Kitty, do you know why it is called the green tiger beetle?. I didn’t see any stripes, but maybe they are subtle. So glad this species has made a comeback:)


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